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Effective Date: April 11, 2014WSE Publication No. 4101

Engineering Data Sheet

SuperAnaerobicDigestionTM Process
Two-Phase, Two-Stage, Thermophilic,
Fixed-Growth, Anaerobic Digestion Process

Over the last 80 years, anaerobic digestion treatment throughout the world has been consistently viewed by researchers, practitioners, and end users alike, as but a simple phenomenon of nature rather than a fantastic and magnificent biochemical engineering process.

The Institute of Gas Technology is a trade association of the natural gas industries. To its undeniable credit, it was the very first marketplace entity to manage mesophilic anaerobic reactions as a biological process by successfully establishing the economic viability of two-phase anaerobic treatment.

WaterSmart Environmental, Inc. improved this excellent step in the right direction to the current level by adding:

  • Fixed or attached growth media = captive bacteria population
  • Thermophilic bacteria = 4 times the mesophilic metabolic rate
  • Staged treatment in each phase = greater efficiency
  • Nutrient addition in both phases = greater efficiency
  • Flow recirculation in all phases and stages = greater efficiency
  • pH and temperature control in all stages = greater efficiency

As a result, two-phase, two-stage, thermophilic, fixed growth, anaerobic digestion process:

  • Accomplishes extremely high levels of treatment
  • Is only half the cost of existing anaerobic treatment technologies
  • Generates very pure methane gas and carbon dioxide gas as co-products
  • Generates twice the methane gas as existing anaerobic digestion technologies
  • Is but 10% the physical size of existing anaerobic treatment technologies
  • Makes all aerobic and other anaerobic technologies obsolete throughout planet earth
  • Can become the dominant technology in municipal privatization
  • Can become the dominant biowastes to energy process
  • Can become the dominant biowastes to ethanol process
  • Can be used to produce hydrogen gas, vinegar, and additional first-phase commodities
  • Always provides an extremely positive return on investment

Anaerobic Digestion Process Benefits:

  • Sludge qualifies as Class A Biosolids
  • Reduced landfill disposal costs
  • Reduced sludge hauling costs
  • Reduced chemical conditioning costs
  • No energy required for routine plant operation
  • Excess energy generated for profit
  • Greatly reduced (about 90%) land area required
  • Elimination of effluent disinfection
  • Greatly reduced (about 30%) plant acquisition costs
  • Elimination of greenhouse gasses
  • High quality carbon dioxide generated for beneficial use
  • High quality methane gas generated for beneficial use
  • No detectable odors
  • Removal of Heavy Metals
  • Removal of dangerous hydrogen sulfides by conversion to innocuous sulfates

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